Do you use the weekend to relax or do you use it to focus on personal projects?

Aaron O'Leary
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It can be tough deciding when to relax and to stop working, the weekend is traditionally meant to be that time but many people work into it including myself. I do have one rule though, I do not work on Sundays, I use that time for family, cooking new recipes and seeing friends. What about you?


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I work on the weekend, because it makes me content. I like making progress. In the past, I took Saturday off, and that was alright too, but now I'm in a head-down mode, so I work.
@vitabenes I love weekend working as well, I find myself most productive on a Saturday in a cafe. I do think it's important to have at least one day away from work and general information
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@aaronoleary I don't go on Twitter on Saturdays, that's the only hard rule I have. Otherwise I take a break when it presents itself (trip somewhere, family business).
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@vitabenes I definitely have times on the weekend where I feel so eager to get some work done it makes me feel guilty, something not everyone understands.
For me it depends on how productive I think I was in the week. If I feel like I did not accomplish as much as I liked to, then I would also work on Saturdays. Like you said, I try to keep Sundays for relax and family time to get energised for a new week.
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I sub consciously just go and start working :| over the weekends!
Actually a bit of both :D
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I keep Saturday free and prioritize family and friends over work. Sunday is optional work day depending on whether there's any pending customer inquiry or if I need to prep for something on Monday.
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physically relax while the brain churns about all I have to do!
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My aim is to be productive enough during the typical work week that I can completely avoid touching any real work over the weekend. In the past, I worked extended periods of time with no weekends and everything suffered because of burnout. Occasionally, I will work on a personal project over the weekend for fun though.
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Both! I relax and settle stuffs during the day and do my side projects at night
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I design my week to suit myself and my work. Since building my own thing alongside a mix of freelancing, I don't think of weekends the same as I used to. It's more about maintaining progress and my happiness. If I need a break, then I take a break. If I want to work every day, I do that. So there isn't really a weekend as much anymore, its more about giving myself the time I need to feel good mentally and physically.
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I work on the weekends, but my wife thinks Iโ€™m golfing. ๐Ÿ˜€
Once you start working on your own startup and things start to pick up, it's seriously difficult to focus on anything rather than your startup. So my weekends are almost similar to what the other weekdays look like. It's just work! I'm trying find a work/life balance and any suggestions would be very helpful :)
I still work at weekend for my personal projects but I try to keep my mind at ease, don't let myself too stressful and take rest when I feel like to. I found out when I keep it like that, I work very effective not just weekend but in whole week. Balance is the point here!
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In a sense it sounds that the wrong question to ask, because every day should be a day to work and relax. Isn't it? ;)
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We have a problem here... While everyone is having rest we work as the week starts from Sunday in Israel...
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The weekend just serves exactly to relax and gain strength for a new working week. You will do it yourself or with friends, it does not matter, the main thing is that it will bring you pleasure. Even if you just stay at home and take advantage of this offer