What are some great customer experience products that help organizations delight their customers?

Chandresh Vaghanani
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Andrew Arri
@chandreshpv1 Hey Chandresh, the answer to this questions depends on a few things. You should look at customer experience through stages of the sale (pre-sale, during, and after) and have the metrics in place to measure each (Example of a metric is: if you just sold a physichal product, how many returns did it get). Another thing to take into consideration is the experience of the product itself or the service around it. The customer has to feel supported throughout the journey. At the beginning he needs all questions answered and the right expectations set. Middle, the transaction should be easy and painless. And the after sale is just as important but that varies depending on the product/market. If you gave a bit more details I'd be able to help more. Hope that helps.
Chandresh Vaghanani
@arrix42 Hey Andrew, I created a collection of products that deliver or helps deliver great customer experience through their technology. For example - Zendesk or Zittly. Here's my collection. I would like to add more to it - https://www.producthunt.com/@cha... If you have recommendations, please do share.