I’m Alexis Robert, CEO of Loma-innovation, start-up in Paris.

Alexis Robert
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Bonjour everyone! We are launching custom-fit earphones http://www.ewolv.loma-innovation.... We really want to offer a product adapting and fitting with everyone’s ears differences. Our product is almost finished and we are trying to get as much visibility as possible (not easy). I'm looking for good advices and feedback about our product (design, techno, attraction). I would appreciate your comments and help ! Thanks !


Hi Alexis! Good description, easy to read, clear product vision. As a user, I don't trust at the convenience before I tried it. And I supposed that the latest trend is to make wireless airpods but I'm not an expert in it. In general, when I need to choose such kind of devices I usually watch or read reviews before buying something. I hope I helped a little.
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@anna_panchenko Hi, thank you for your help. Your comment is really helpful. We already met some journalists and they are ready to publish some article but not before the beginning of the kickstarter campaign. However we have to attract people on our product before the launch to avoid catastrophic start and it's hard without review. It's like a vicious circle.
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Seems to be a much needed product. I bought some headphones on kickstarter that I now rarely use because they don't stay in when I'm at the gym. https://www.anker.com/products/v.... I'd suggest that a video is needed to really show people what your tech innovation does. Also, the site could use the help of a pro copywriter. It reads a little bit like a decent translation instead of snappy English copy. As far as visibility goes, it's a tough one. There are a few guides and agencies out there for kickstarter help that might get you rolling. https://spodekandco.com/blog/cat... https://www.google.com/search?cl...
I build electroshapable earphones!
@david_jones6 Hi David, thank you for your view, I appreciate. Do you think our tech in the last video was not enough showed ? You might be right to focus more on it. Thanks a lot for the links as well!! Yes tough one, I was not expecting that as far.
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@alexis_robert I didn't notice a video on your site. the video controls were not displaying on safari. Now that I've found it, I think you may need to shoot something that shows the product in real life with real people. Expensive, but could make the difference between a sale and no sale.