How do you manage interruptions effectively?

Lluís Ventura
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Is your day full of "Do you have five minutes for XXXXX", "are your there?" "Are you available for YYYY?". I am a truly believer that real collaboration happens in these small interactions, but, how to manage them effectively?


Emily Williams
Oh, these never-ending 5 minutes questions :) I usually write a plan and respond to the questions only after finishing the point I'm working on. If I do not follow this strategy, it's difficult for me to be fully focused.
Robert Zalaudek
@lluis_m_ventura Interruptions are an issue whether in-person or, as is now the case, when people are working remotely. One solution that we came up with, for Slack users, is a tool that changes your status in Slack so that your colleagues know that your busy. It's also a organization and productivity tool but has this positive benefit as well of preventing unnecessary interruptions. It's called Pomodus and we launched it on PH in November. Here is a link in case you're interested.