I'm Gabriel Pendleton, Maker of AudioStaq - a podcast platform for brands and influencers.

Gabriel Pendleton
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Hello all, I'm the co-founder of AudioStaq, a podcast hosting, and monetization platform. https://audiostaq.com/ About me: I'm a technical CEO/Founder but I'm not a true developer. Most of my experience comes from being a QA Engineer/Product Manager in gaming and ad-tech. I can write front-end code, some javascript, review code, write SQL, talk and solve issues with the best developers. I've won multiple pitch competitions totaling over $100,000 in cash. I've worked at Millennial Media, several games studios and currently cannabis company, Lealfy(Until I can go full-time with AudioStaq) My goals over the next few months: 1.) Plan upcoming launches via product hunt, indie hackers, hacker news, etc. 2.) Help scale our consumer and enterprise customer base. 3.) Continue product growth and identify new opportunities and partnerships. 4.) Meet, learn, and contribute learnings to the community Important details: Past the MVP stage, with early revenue. We also sell podcast ads. We make money from both SaaS subscriptions and programmatic Advertising. Please PM me your replies, email or post here. If detailed info is needed, PM is best. gabriel@audiostaq.com