Hello Makers! we just launched! Feedback NEEDED :)

Mokhtar Ibrahim
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Hello Makers! we just launched, I am looking forward to hear any feedback you have. You can be as brutal as you want! https://uleague.org


I like the idea, I like the site and its content. Easy to find courses and I like the search where you can add your skills. These all are great. And to bring up a little criticism I didn't find the difference between your solution and coursera. I mean that I don't get what should be a reason to subscribe and pay 20$ a month if I can choose a free course in the coursera?
@anna_panchenko Anna thank you for taking the time and thank you for the observations :) To clarify the biggest difference between us and Coursera is that our content is always for free free. Thus subscription that you pay with us is not for the content but for our career enhancement and assessments we provide so the added value - does that answer it ? :)
@mokhtar_ibrahim1 Yes, definitely it changes everything. Good luck with it. I hope you will share the success stories of your users.