When is the right time to quit your day job and go full throttle with your SaaS?

Albert S.
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Would love to hear some of your stories of when you decided to risk it all and go for it... - Were there any regrets? - What were the most painful / rewarding moments? - What would you have done differently?


Ranvijay Singh
When it starts making money to pay your salary at least equivalent to your regular job + dependent saas monthly subscriptions. I mean to run our own saas we pay for storage, bandwidths, email management etc.
Albert S.
@ranvijay_singh - Those are very good recommendations. Thank you. I supposed the challenge for me is I can't put 100% effort into my SaaS because my regular day job takes too much time. Since I can't put all the effort I want, it can't grow as fast as I want.