What do u think about this crowdfunding type ?

babatunde ayeni
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Hello! I will like to share a crowdfunding idea designed for small businesses.  This concept will create an ecosystem for small businesses to raise funds among themselves.  Below is an illustration of how the platform will operate. This is a concept that will make an invitee business to fund her invitor business in such a way that for an invitee businessX to be able to post its fundraising campaign, such businessX must have donated to an existing invitor businessY. For this to be possible, after invitee businessX must have donated to its invitor, a code will be sent to businessX email to complete its fundraising campaign post. So that businessX can as well invite other businesses to the platform and the cycle goes on in that manner. A fundraising campaign post will usually run for like 30days or more and a funding goal will be set. This can be call funding rounds as small businesses can initiate funding rounds as many times as possible. Funding goals are not necessarily needed to be met before businesses can withdraw their funds. A donating business can get a refund only if the business they donated to its fundraising campaign round is not over yet. Withdrawable funds for a business is the total funds raise minus platform fees and refunds. Please I will like to have your view over the reasonability and the sustainability of the project. And if you will like to build it, I will want to be onboard.
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