How do you find time for deep work between emails/meetings?

Ben Fox
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Curious what tactics you are using to clear big blocks of time to get the most important stuff done? Headphones? Work from home? Hide? Logoff Slack? How do you do it?


Aaron O'Leary
I tend to turn my phone on do not disturb mode mainly. I think the most important aspect though is designating time and sticking to it. I calendar block my days and say if I have emails at 2pm - 3pm I won't run past 3pm to get them done I will leave them and focus on my next task. That keeps the day moving smoothly 🏄‍♂️
Matthew Benjamin
It depends on how you best work. For me, I find that when I allocate thirty minutes to emails/slack and proceed to set aside an hour or two for "deep work" I get more done. I also will set aside 15 minutes for scrolling on Instagram ¯\_(ツ)_/¯