What are your "rules of self-discipline"?

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I haven't quite articulated my own, but I'm a huge fan of Buckminster Fuller's. His self-disciplines really resonate for me ~ especially in moment or periods of doubt and anxiety. These were synthesized by @internetvin (off-site) from Fuller's "Critical Path". ~~ 1. Work always and only for all of humanity to be optimally effective. 2. Make decisions and create products only from your own experientially gained information instead of trying to accommodate everyone else's opinions. 3. Create only things that provide human advantage without putting the cost on other humans. 4. Try to solve the unfavourable conditions of humanity through new inventions and products. Make them so effective that they are immediately adopted by humans, thereby freeing them from previously unfavourable circumstances. 5. Always reduce your inventions to physical working models. Never talk about the inventions until they are physically proven - or disproven. 6. Never try to persuade humanity to alter its customs or viewpoints. Your outputs should reform the environment and not the humans. 7. Assume that nature has a built-in prioritization process to support new inventions that advantage humanity. 8. Focus on creating things that provide valid human advantage irrelevant of how far into the future they may be used. In the event of an evolutionary crisis, your creation will be available and ready. 9. Learn the most from your mistakes. 10. Decrease time wasted in worried procrastination and increase time invested in the discovery of improving human life through new technology. 11. Find way to document your development in a public setting. 12. Attempt to comprehend the underlying principles that guide our Universe and apply these principles in your own projects. 13. Educate yourself comprehensively in all of the required disciplines of your work. 14. Operate only on a do-it-yourself basis. 15. Design as if your users were born in an environment without existing conditioned reflexes that might blind them to the potential of new powerful technology or products. ~~ Do any of these stand out to you? What are your rules?


Mine change a lot! But currently they are (1) start every day with meditation (2) aim to work out daily (3) avoid processed food (4) have empathy for others (5) be kind to myself
@abadesi do you have any recommended resources for someone who's tried meditation around a dozen times, but who simply can't stop the flood of thoughts? I was expecting to see progress after 5-10 hours of practice but I don't feel that I'm progressing much.