Would you like a delivery app that has all your delivery needs in one app?

Samantha Robinson
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So your monthly fee would cover grocery, restaurant. local store pick up..ETC Backstory: So I said I would build an app that i believe will solve a few problems in the delivery world. (Ex: uber eats, instacart...) So today I built the semi shell for the app and I have to say that I am impressed. I have never built an app before..Now to figure out what's next.. How do I get this idea out there? Please feel free to drop any comments or ideas!


valeria evseneva
It would be very convenient for sure! we, humans, tend to do things quickly and at one stop. So, yeah, the idea is worth giving a shot! Also, in case you're looking for a food delivery app development company, here's a good one [food delivery app development company](https://celadonsoft.com/solution...)