How do you balance full-time work with your projects and relationships?

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For those of you that still have full-time jobs, how do you balance it with your startup/projects, families, relationships, etc?


Hanna Barzakouskaya
One a founder of a large company gave me very good advice. He books time for all the activities he wishes to participate in. For example, he wakes up at 6 in the morning and plays with his children. His children know that his father will spend 1,5 hours just playing with them at the same time every day. I tried it and it worked for me as well. I booked a time slot for my family, friends, etc. and made them regulars. It means that we built special rules suitable to keep your balance between hobbies, family, relationship, etc.
Dominic Williams
@anna_panchenko This is how I like to organise my life in general, but fitting people into timeslots that work around your schedule can leave loved ones feeling like they are not as important as what they are being slotted in around. I've found you need to allow for some unscheduled time for impromptu things to happen with family and friends as well. It's tough!
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@1337domz How interesting to know. This solution worked exactly for my family and friends at first. To be honest, previously all job tasks appeared urgent and need my attention at ones and my own family especially my child suffered from it. When I tried this approach, my family feel that they're the most important and nothing can pull me out from our spare time together. Curious to know why did we experience the difference? It might be or difference in implementation either people attitude. When I read your message I feel like you limited your time with friends and family, in my case I limited my job.
It's tricky! For me it's about prioritising. When I'm at work I'm fully focused on that, and then I block out time for fitness, seeing friends, and in those moments I'm full present there. I put my phone away and enjoy the moment.
Tabassum Chuhan
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Verushka P.
I think having a good sense of time management is most definitely important. This, as well as prioritization. You should see my calendar! I am a co-founder of ClosedWon but I am also a full-time MBA student. I spend my time wisely and make sure that I focus on what I am working on. This way, when I spend time with my partner we can have quality time together and focus on our relationship.
@_vrshka can get away from you quickly without time management. Boundaries are super important ..not just for others but yourself. Congrats on the MBA!!! :)
Cedric Bals
*Find a partner that has equal (crazy) working times. Partners need to be understanding and it's easier if they also got an irregular lifestyle... *Don't believe you can do everything. -> Don't forget to also sacrifice with your projects or reduce full-time to part-time work, not only cut your relationship short. *Use a shared calendar for irregular day events or events both of you want to attend at (visiting the movies, going on a short weekend trip, working late because of an event, a weekly planned time slot for private projects, etc.) - helps me and my partner a lot to priorities and plan also the work related tasks. *Don't talk too much about work / your projects - try to disconnect. *Litte surprises are key. Surprises keeps a love life healthy and will lead to a more understanding relationship. Personal note: I work in a different city than my partner but get to have a more flexible lifestyle. After a year of distance relationship I learned that I was putting my professional career over everything so I moved back to the city my partner works in and travel now 3 days a week for 4h/day to get to the offices and work 2 days/week remote. Within days we restored our relationship and are more happier than ever. Sometimes it is necessary to step back a little and also sacrifice something.
Joneskids Bey
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