The ultimate software development guide for the non-technical founder

Developing a code is AN exciting method. however you want to be very clear regarding the aim it'll serve to your target market. And you'll solely fix a goal once you have got conducted a correct research. Take 3 to 6 months to review the market, determine the loopholes and the way your code will probably fill them. What pain points will your audience face? Remember — your code application isn't a Swiss Army Knife. It isn’t alleged to fulfill various functions — a minimum of not at the initial stage. Keep one core price providing. It’s nice to be formidable however slender down your vision. you'll continually expand the scope of your code as and once its quality grows and demands increase.


Cordelia Murphy
Narrow down your software idea to its essence / core - that's really good account of how to think about building your MVP.
Hi, we are a young startup, recently got together as a team and will be releasing a b2b app. We already have investors and a lot of people are interested in the app. But we can't properly strategize what price to put on our software. Or introduce a licensing system, etc.
Can someone give some normal advice. Because I took a small course and there was no specifics at all. This is why we would like to get good advice and what strategy to use. After all, our income depends on the strategy.
Demian Dex
If you have software that offers a license to clients, you are signing a long-term relationship with the client. This strategy is one of the most reliable. But it's not ideal. If you don't have specialists in this field, you should use the services of a pricing strategy company they would support you by making a plan on how to earn more revenue on your application. All of the main businesses propose this type of strategy and have been successful.