What new skill (or new project) have you added in the last 60 days? Nothing is a valid answer.

Kareem Al Saady
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I'm just curious how people in community similar to this dedicated their time, was it to something more analogue like baking or improving digital skills?


Not a Software Engineer
for me it has been writing a book and self publishing
Not a Software Engineer
and some notes that I've written about the process on my site at https://getaclue.me/self-publish... You?
Not a Software Engineer
@getaclue_1 really cool! I actually have been learning Javascript and that's my next step to learn full stack javascript. I'll have to come back to this then! I've worked www.digitaldesignlibrary.io, it's something I've seen designers/developers all the time trying to search for an icon or illustration, or whatever so I'm trying to build a curated central place for them.
i'm working on a new web-based product. also, i'm learning swift to bring my ideas to life by my own
@andrey_alikimovich Cool, what type of product?
@kareem_alsaady simple tool to create one link for your apps in different app stores so you don't need to publish the list of links every time you share the app. Kind of shortlinks with redirection rules under the hood.
@andrey_alikimovich nice, that's definitely something we can use on our team when we share links with testers, etc.