Hello 👋, Does working culture matter for your job?

Janis Rozenfelds
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I am Janis, working on a project to improve the healthy working culture for the companies and for the employees. I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Questions regarding this topic 👉https://janisrozenfelds.typeform...


Alin - Catalin
I would say a good working culture is pretty important on the long run. Interested to see what you're building in this space.
Janis Rozenfelds
Hey @alincatalin , I can't disagree. I think everybody at least once in a lifetime experience unpleased workspace. For every company, it is unique with different values, culture and probably there is no one solution to build it. It definitely takes time and effort. In this year - started a small project "Project-X-Seoul": https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Stas Kulesh
Definitely a yes. Today, the lack of recognition is one of the main reasons why people leave their jobs. With the remote work on the rise and millions of young adults joining the workforce – the problem is real. Recent Gallup Research on Millennial Engagement shows that every out of four Millennials on your team, three will leave in less than 2 years and two would say the reason for that: the lack of appreciation. https://www.gallup.com/workplace... For more than two years we have been building Karma – a peer appreciation and recognition product for business chats. It is right in the moment. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up. No need for staff training. Karmabot 2.0 We help people to say ‘thank you’ more often. At the end of the day, no one’s left their job because of being ‘over-appreciated’.
Janis Rozenfelds
Thank you @stas_kulesh for sharing the report. Very interesting data. I would like to point out one of the first pages in the report (page 3) "The Change in leadership". I agree is shifted and changed dramatically, I believe there should be a new working environment and lifestyle. The product you build is AWESOME - Interesting approach! I personally work with generation z and y as creative director. Back in days most of the things I learned don't apply to the modern generation. As a result of I trying to organize teams' in a very nice ecosystem. ... but I would say it's hard in a sense of understanding and work experience. I think there is the potential to have something exciting and interesting. At the moment I am establishing an experiment in South Korea, Seoul.
We spend more time working than we do with our family, friends, partners and pets - for me 100% yes. It's a non negotiable. I put everything into my work, I would not be able to handle the dissonance if I was spending all my time effort and energy in an environment whose values I did not align with.
Janis Rozenfelds
@abadesi kind of crazy to think about that most of our lives we spend working. Thank you for your answer. It probably should be also something you actually enjoy working.
Maybe the first thing I look at :)
Preksha Rathore
There's an article by Forbes that says, "If culture comes first, performance will follow". I strongly believe that company's working culture impacts/ influences an individual’s mindset, engagement at work and therefore, productivity. So definitely yes, it does matter for any job!
@preksha_rathore I often heard "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" I teach org culture (and other HR topics), so I might be biased.
Janis Rozenfelds
@katerinabohlec could you share more details regarding your teaching?
Jun Gong
Yes - people - who build the company culture alway come first, so the culture matters a ton!
In the "old days" there was a clear separation between your "work" and "personal" lives. Now since people are more on with checking e-mail and Slack over the weekend, it's more important that your work is something you find fulfilling as what you do in your personal life. I think a good test of work culture is whether you would hang out with your colleagues on the weekends as just normal friends.
anthony putra
What's the most positive working cultures you got going on?
How do you define "healthy working culture"? Under what context is a culture healthy? Whar are industry differences? I teach org culture, happy to share more if you like.