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atemnkeng fontem
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Sorry if this is the wrong place for posting this, I'm very new to this website. My name is Atemnkeng Fontem, and I'm currently a senior in high school and I created this app to help solve problems I personally went through going through high school. With me app students can calculate their GPAs, add assignment reminders, and calculate their grades. I've shared my app locally and the students LOVED it, and i've gathered a lot of attention in my hometown because of it. I've even had random kids I've never spoke to before thank me for making the app. The reason I'm here is to help expand my app, and help more students stay on top of their academic grind. My core audience so far is teens and young adults ages 13-26, college or high school. Please leave any tips or advice I'm very new to managing an app/business, anything helps! Link to my product hunt app page:


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What have you tried so far to expand your app audience?
A young iOS Developer with big dreams
@abadesi I’ve shared it locally with students at my high school on social media, this was very successful because it made it essentially go viral however, it’s since been slowing down a bit.
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@atemnkeng_fontem can you share it with students at other high schools you are connected to e.g. local areas, friends' or relatives' schools?
A young iOS Developer with big dreams
@abadesi yes I designed it so the scales are adjustable to any high school/college grading system