I'm a B2B marketer (startup to Fortune 50) and investor, ask me anything

Terry Nugent
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I’m a a B2B marketer and an angel/seed investor specializing in healthcare SaaS. I’m principal @ T. Nugent & Associates (www.tnugentassociates.com) and co-founder of Ventures Next (www.venturesnext.com). Ask me anything about B2B marketing from startup phase to Fortune 50, or my perspective as an investor.


Hanna Barzakouskaya
Hi Terry, I've just read a text on the main page of tnugentassociates and it broke my heart. The first, It was a sweet dream to get customers without any advertising:-) The second, I'm working on the platform which aims not to wait for a health problem (concerning the conclusions from your page about "analogous to medicine: First diagnose the problem, and from that develop the solution"). But it's all my reflections. I have a more important question. How can a startup pay for the marketing to get the first client? In the situation of being as much economic as possible, I suppose a lot of startups are doing everything without any additional expenses. Do you create a marketing solution for the startups which already get some profit?
Hi Terry! I run an eye care company. We are based in Atlanta, and I have been trying to get local partnerships through in-person and email reach. I wanted to know if you had any tips on how to go about connecting with other businesses when you're just starting out. Thank you!
David Barton-Grimley
Hi Terry, wondering where you see the next big growth area in healthcare SAAS will be?
Amila Ams
This is amazing,recommendation.Vote up for this.Have you considered continuing this or doing something similar to this?
Max Shash
Hi Terry, My name is Max and I work at DeployPlace. DeployPlace is an automated deployment tool for easy deployment of complex applications. Our target audience are developers and devops engineers. We are in pre-launch phase now and collected 100 early users already. Complexity of the project doesn't matter - we can help to automate static websites as well as complex Java applications. Size of the team doesn't matter either - DeployPlace can be used by indie developer as well as large teams. I have a few questions for you: 1. Which marketing channels would you recommend considering the above? 2. Which marketing channels should we avoid? 3. How do you recommend to build content marketing distribution? Thank you beforehand! Best, Max
Debajit Sarkar
Hello Terry, what are some of the best tools available for Management Consulting startups to acquire clients? While I'm aware of methods like cold calling and e-mail marketing I need to know if there are any free or paid tools available that can be used by startups in the Management Consulting industry to acquire clients. Thanks & Regards, Debo
Andrew Pierno
Hi Terry, how do you recommend approaching potential enterprise customers, assuming you don't have any way in other than a cold intro and your product is in the very early stages, or better yet, the mvp is little more than table stakes to get them to talk to you.
Fekry Aiad
Hi Terry, We are working in a relatively narrow market (security), And Recently we have been working on a product to be launched as in SDK. I was wondering what would be the optimal channel to reach potential customers in such an industry. Thanks!