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Margaret Rush
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The company was started with a view to helping families find suitable matches for their daughtersand sons. Only the registration process and collection of information are done online. Our dedicated staff will enable you to find the spouse of your dreams. We have hundreds of matrimonial businesses and Vachulas (local independent matchmakers in every neighborhood. The registration fees of these Vachulas are usually $200 (20,000 PKR). After collecting the registration fees, they introduce families or exchange numbers so that they could visit their houses later. You will be surprised to know that some of these families are friends of the Vachulas and they introduce you to them with the intention of fooling you and making extra money. This is a business tactic that is used by Vachulas to make money. Each time they introduce a family, you will need to pay a fee to them. Over the years, we came across families who spend time and money searching for suitable matches for their children without any positive results. Most matrimonial services show fake profiles to individuals and families. A hefty amount of money is also charged from them. Fake profiles of individuals and families are collected and money is charged for showing these profiles.
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