How do you find customers?

Melkamsira Antehun
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like mine is and am still looking for customers from Germany or Switzerland. does anyone know people who are looking my service?


Hanna Barzakouskaya
I think you're a competitor of outsourcing companies, right? And they have an army of sales with their usual arsenal of marketing tools. I think that as most of CTO it's normal to get 1-2 emails a day from such companies with a huge portfolio of successful projects. The price of this service is various depends on regions, quality, company brand, etc. Freelance web sources are also your direct competitors and they're riskier but the cheapest ones. But at first, I'm sure that you've already known about it and, the second, I want to be helpful so... As a potential client, I'd like to know what is the main benefit I will get if I choose your service? Price?
Melkamsira Antehun
@anna_panchenko Thank you for such a motivational comment. to answer your question, my company can offer a free web development and design for the first week of the work begin. if you like the work you are seeing from that week we can make the agreement and finish your project if not we will ask for your feedback and end the process. you are the one who will be choosing the stage, the level and the number of the developers and how many hours per day you want be spend for your project to be done. our price is fair and negociable and it depends on the length of your project. you can compare it to other companies price and you will notice ours is better. you can also follow your projects progress everyday using our AST tools.