June 13.: Open UI Design Framework for SwiftUI.

Hassan Uriostegui
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Hello Creators! Six months ago I was working as lead developer at inVison and then SwiftUI came into my life... ...I became addicted to its sugary interface and dreamed about a future where a uniform styling interface made easy to share code between UIKit and SwiftUI views. Furthermore, I wished there could be a mobile configuration tool that would allow for realtime Look Specification interacting directly with the UI Styles. I imagined a world where everyone is an App Designer and technology is crafted to empower anyone to change the Look and Feel of the digital world that shapes our reality. A group of talented friends and I departed inVision and the security of our day jobs to build this dream, and now it's time for you to help us fit your needs. If you are an app designer, developer, UX enthusiast I invite you to follow through the WIP documentation and then drop me an email if you want to join the Beta in the coming weeks. 🚀 sneak peek:
WIP documentation: https://maxwell-1.gitbook.io/max... email: eonfluxor@gmail.com Chat soon!
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