What exactly is “Tiny apps”?

Paul Danyliuk
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I thought I understood what that category meant, until I saw the example from the companion doc. It’s a freakin 15-sectioned bike shop admin panel, which doesn’t say "tiny" at all :) I thought more of things like "mood diary" and "investment plan calculator".


@paul_danyliuk Great call-out and you're exactly right! The example of the bike shop doc, while a bit long from a section list standpoint, started with a simple check-in check-out process in a single table. We should have definitely made it more clear :). Things like mood diaries and investment calculators also fit the bill - anything that solves for a niche use case in a simple elegant way. This is another example - a simple meeting timer / stopwatch for folks to track their agendas: https://coda.io/t/Meeting-Timer_.... Or this for tracking habits: https://coda.io/t/Did-you-do-it-...
@paul_danyliuk Let me know if that makes sense or if I can clarify more!
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@evan_pryce Thanks for the explanation. So the lines between categories are a bit blurred — because a meeting timer could also go into "Tools for teams", for example. Or my other submission, an original habit-building technique, could technically be a "tiny app" — it also started 7 years ago as one Google Sheet 🙂 I asked this for a specific case. I made a chat bot engine 😁 https://coda.io/d/Tiny-chat-bot_... I asked Emily to put it on "Tiny apps", but I guess it's more suitable for "Everything else"?