How do you find a good digital marketer?

Maxim Filimonov
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I know there are many options on the market. I would rather avoid going for a cheap end of the market(Fiverr) and at the same time we don't have a budget to pay for a digital agency or a "digital market celebrity". We are trying to understand and act on the results of our launch and need help with that.


Dan Smith Is...
There are two sides to this. There is the strategy and analysis side, which in an early stage I recommend you as a founder get your hands dirty and make sure you know what's going on. Reach out and see if you can't buy someone coffee who can give you pointers on where to begin. Then there is the action part, where an intern could help you out. Find someone young and excited to be in the field. Check their social media posts and think "would I want this voice for my business?"
Maxim Filimonov
Thanks for your advice. I do think we struggle for now with figuring out where do we find that person to have coffee with.
špela bartolj
@dansmithis Another question - what do you consider under "digital marketer"? I, for example, am not a social media manager/influencer and do not have an engaging social media account for you to check as a reference. I'm an expert in Facebook advertising though and am more creative in the field of A/B testing, ad optimization and scaling e-commerce businesses through Facebook ads. And I consider myself a digital marketer. @tpaktop To find the right fit, you have to know enough about marketing to determine what kind of skills (and results) you want because our job titles and skills are all over the place right now. :/
Peyton Goen
Post a job listing on angel list! You'll be able to find tech-focused, founder-minded marketers there!
Ioana Budai
maybe find a marketing consultant you can hire short time (short meaning for at least 6 months) and have them help you guide someone less experienced. You'll be able to grow a junior into your brand's voice/needs, all while getting expert insights to set you on the right path.
Allan Revah
They have a good track record or they worked at company with a good track record in this domain.
Michael Musgrove
Consider that a good marketer will more than pay for him/herself simply by doing their job well. That should take some of the stress about "cost" off but if you haven't budgeted for marketing that fact may not help. You could offer a unique compensation package, such as including some ownership, revenue sharing or perks you're able to provide. LinkedIn has a good search functionality for finding them. Agencies and celebrities aren't the only or best routes.