lets measure your crypto currency awareness

Anant Anand Gupta
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this survey will help up focus on an absolute product around crypto currencies and serve the people like you all more accurately. Please participate and share as much as you can.


Manoj Varma
I was initially fascinated by the concept of block chain and an alternate currency and bought some ripple on famous exchanges. No big returns. The complexities of addresses, wallets etc were a put off though. With so much advance in technology, there should be a simple mobile app with no complexities, wallets etc to invest and withdraw directly. I am sure there must be a few. Can't wait to explore.
Nitin Agarwal
Been in crypto for last 5 years. It is revolutionary
Rajesh Pandurangan
It feels good to support and participate in some great projects/ideas by investing / holding.
Parth Agarwal
Holding on exchanges, but sadly, the crypto to fiat conversion rates are much higher in India!
I purchased a couple bitcoins very early, learned about blockchain. I'm just a customer of what will be built around this technology and I'm still waiting.
I think this survey is an essential step in serving the crypto community more accurately.I've been exploring various tools to enhance my trading experience, and one that's really caught my attention is Granimator. It's an AI trading tool that's proven quite insightful for me personally. The ability to get real-time data and analysis has been a game-changer. Crypto has its own unique language and ecosystem, and it's important for us all to stay informed and engaged. So, let's keep the crypto conversation alive and kicking.