One month blogging update

Anna Grigoryan
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I started blogging 1 month ago. Exactly 1 month ago I connected my domain to the and started to write anything that came to my mind (for better or for worse :) ). Hope this post will help me to track my milestones and show other people that anything is possible! Metrics that I've been using As a former product analyst, I could not not set metrics for me. Number of unique visitors - 52 Bounce rate - 50% Average session duration - 1min I did not placed any marketing budget and did not spent anything for promotions. The only traffic source for me is Twitter where I have 73 followers as of today and with each post I'm trying to use relevant hashtags. 1 month blog priorities 3 blogs per week - this one was kind of hard for me. Currently I have 7 posts on my blog which means I had approximately 2 blogs per week. For me it's a great number for now and I will try to move at the same pace without pushing myself too hard as 2 blogs a week is kind of what came out naturally. 1 exclusive content on medium - did not have this one. I was thinking to duplicate one of my blogs on medium, but my main focus currently is the promotion of the blog. To be honest I don't think that I will add something on that platform as I'm trying to make my personal blog work as no. 1 priority. 1 exclusive content on - I have a few draft publications for this resource, and the only thing that is stopping me from publishing is the amount of additional research I need to do to be 100% sure of my content. So maybe this will be pushed to my 2nd month priorities. 1 industry research - I've been working on research of HR tech to see the trends and understand how exactly a product that is focused on the that industry can potentially operate. Came out about 200+ companies that I need to review, which is a lot of work considering that I'm a full time freelancer and have 4 projects to work on. This also will be moved to the 2nd month priorities. Product development course curriculum - Curriculum is done, also researched some platforms for creating online courses like Teachable. Most likely this will be moved to the 3rd month priorities just because of the amount of work it takes. 2 month blog priorities - Increase the traffic on website to 70 MAU. - Publish 2 blogs per week - Complete the industry research - Publish exclusive content on See you on October 20!
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