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Michael Martinho
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As I start to formulate things and gather information. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions or help in the pitch deck prepping area. Would love any insights. PS do you know of any resources that I can reach out to with help and guidance. Thanks Michael


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Not sure if this is the location for it...being discussions, I assumed it was appropriate
Hey Michael, What stage are you at? Pre-seed, seed?
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@michaelmartinho Hey! Sorry for the delay here. First a mini disclaimer: we're prelaunch, and haven't tried to raise money yet. That said, I have talked to a lot of friends (who have raised), and they've pointed me to some really insightful resources. ----------------------- SEED DECK TEMPLATE ----------------------- The presentation is terrible (of course), but I think the content is flow is correct for this round of funding. ------------------------------ PETER THIEL'S 7 QUESTIONS ------------------------------ It's unlikely that you'll be grilled by the likes of Peter Thiel, but it is helpful to understand where your company stands with respect to these 7 questions. The Engineering Question - Is the product an order of magnitude better than the competition The Timing Question - Why is the timing right for this product? Is there a shift happening in tech, regulation, culture, etc The Monopoly Question - Can your company become a monopoly. If yes, then how? The People Question - Why is your team the right team The Distribution Question - How do you distribute and sell your product? The Durability Question - Why will your company stand the test of time? The Secret Question - What secret does your company have that others does? You can read more about these here: Most of the questions you'll receive from investors will revolve around these 7 topics though. So having solid answers to each will put you in a good place when pitching. ------ One last note, I've been told several times that you want to flip the process on it's head. You're offering people the opportunity to invest in your great company. You're not begging them to give you money. Make sure you approach all fundraising this way. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful! Best of luck, J