Trieshare - [Looking for beta users]

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[Looking for beta users] Hi Product Hunt community, I'm seeking for early beta users for feedback and suggestions. The product is targeted to use with social media strategies within restaurant, cafes and pubs business. The goal of Trieshare is to help Restaurants, Cafes & pub owners to convert their customers into influencers on Instagram. Connect with me at or pm me if this interests you!


Ali Schwanke
Hey @vanshsoni16 - do you have an email list? Or current relationships to leverage? If you don't, you may want to consider finding some influencers who could introduce you to restaurant owners. Leveraging current networks (including 2nd and 3rd degree connections when you ask for an intro) has been one of the ways that's worked for us.
@alischwanke Thank you for your suggestion But for now I don't have any contact that can introduce me to restaurant owners but I am trying to reach cafes and restaurants using cold calling and emails. It will be really helpful if you can introduce someone