Are you a filmmaker and on Product Hunt? Let's Konnect with Klicxz.

Joseph Martin
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Howdy all! My name is Joe Martin and I'm an Assistant Director and co-founder of, a community for filmmakers to network and stream films. We're solving the problem of film monetization by developing a streaming service for filmmakers to publish their films that is: 1) accessible 2) monetized 3) and non-exclusive I'd like to connect with the film-savvy members of the community in preparation for our Product Hunt launch, learn about some of your projects, and introduce you to Klicxz. Thank you all! Joe Martin


Voltaire Tinch
Now it's hard to find something unique. Everything that is now freely available is a copy of what was before. This is the main reason for the decline of monetization. So if you want to reach new heights and find your style, which will be unique - you need to train a lot. I've decided that it will be easier if I'm regularly trained by more experienced professionals. They always have fresh ideas and an exciting perspective on ordinary things. So if you are interested in this, you can find a training school. There are quite a few director schools like now. Once you can create something unique - your work will be more highly paid.