Importance of Installing a Battery Backup

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What happens if the power goes out and you have not parked your car yet? Are you planning to park it on the street? Do you think that you are out of option? You may not think that yet.
With the advancement of technology, you do not have to break the garage door. If you have already consulted with your garage door opener installation las vegas service provider and installed a battery backup, you are in luck. Your garage opener battery backup can save even in such a situation.

So, how the battery backup works?

During a power outage, without battery backup, you will face difficulty in manually opening and closing the garage door. It can also bring security risks. Battery Backup is a system installed with a garage door opener. It can save your passcode so that you can open and close your heavy garage door in an emergency situation.

When do you need a battery backup for your garage door opener?

Some company of garage door repair in Las Vegas distributes battery backup systems. This battery backup works in even worse situations.
·         Power outage: Power outage can cause many difficulties. One of such is being trapped inside a garage. Without power, no one can get in or out. In this case, the battery backup will be helpful.
·         Adverse weather conditions: Power lines can be disrupted due to heavy snowfall, rain, storm, tornado, and hurricanes. In these conditions, it will be difficult to open or close the door manually. If you have installed a battery backup from your trusted garage door repair North las vegas company, it will do the work for you.
·         Fire emergency: In case of fire emergencies, you may encounter a power down. Battery backup will help you to open and close the door in that situation.
·         Other emergencies: In case of any emergency during a power outage, battery backup helps you. Besides, when you face a power outage, manually lifting a heavy door, like a wood door, becomes difficult. In this case, a battery opener can help you.
Overall, it provides security in the time of necessity.

What are the benefits of using battery backup with a garage door opener?

·         Battery backups are long-lasting and easy to install.
·         There is few garage door opener maintenance needed after you have installed the battery backup.
·         You do not need any special ability to use battery backup. A simple button can start the operation.
·         In the time of power outage, a battery backup can help with 50 openings and closing within 24 hours.
·         Amidst power outage, it saves battery life by operating slower than usual. It opens the garage door 3.5 inches per second.


To ensure your battery backup is working properly, you may check some factors. Check battery life (indicated by a light), and replace your battery once in every two years. Unplug the garage door opener to check if the battery backup is working properly.
If you have not installed a battery backup yet, consult a garage door repair in henderson. With this system, ensure your household’s safety in emergencies.

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