Fellow Makers, would ❤ your feedback on our landing page

Sean Hama
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Hi there fellow Makers, I'm sure your in the same boat of chopping and changing your website messaging for your product. At Emucast we're a small team of 4 based out of Sydney, Australia and have debated over and over again our messaging :-). We launched a average landing page a couple of months back but received feedback from beta users it's didn't sell our message. So over the last 2 weeks we revamped it from top to bottom. We just relaunched our landing page today and wanted to reach out to the maker community and ask for feedback please. What do you think? here it is --- www.emucast.com Sean


Hanna Barzakouskaya
I like it. It's clear, simple and easy. Is there a mobile version as well? Can I start or join the conversation thought mobile?
Sean Hama
@anna_panchenko Hi Anna, thanks for your feedback. Yes you can start a meeting/conversation via a mobile device. In our tool, its also as simple as joining an existing meeting room to have a conversation.
Damian Horton, CFA
Hi Sean. Looks clear to me. I would have more questions on video quality and costs etc (pricing page).
Sean Hama
@damianhorton Thanks Damian for the feedback. We're currently working thru 2 new pages, 'FAQs' and 'Use Cases' page. When we launch to the public (towards end of October) we plan on adding in a pricing page as well.