Is working 7-days a week unhealthy? Or is it a sign of passion and drive.

Han Yoon
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Povilas Korop
I'm doing the same thing @hanyoon - working 7 days a week but not 8 hours a day, in total it's the same 40 hours, but then I'm flexibly planning random Tuesday afternoon with family, for example. Been doing that for 3 years now (since daughter was born and work-life balance turned to non-existent), it's not healthy or unhealthy, it's everyone's choice. As long as you are doing something USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE those 7-days, of course.
It's increasingly harder to escape work but I do think breaks are very important and working too much is very unhealthy for your mental and physical health. Who knows the longer term risks? I should probably get better at following my own advice because as someone with a full time job, a side business and a few other passion projects I find myself working every day but different levels of intensity. I am getting better at setting boundaries, too.
Richard Zack
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