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Michael Kaiser-Nyman
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Hey there Makers! I recently put together, a free guide to registering a business and all of the legal things required. I'd love to get some feedback on it. Have you registered your business? How did you do so? Would help you? Thanks in advance!


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Good concept but the real value I would find in this would be the allowing the reader/user to interact with it and actually select and map out their plan. Their personalized start my business roadmap. Also, more images, use flow charts, and offer downloadable templates and check sheets. Team up with Growth Tools!
@vogelj01 I like this idea! Maybe I could make a checklist with links to each step.
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What's the value proposition? How is it different from, let's say, ? As of right now it looks very light and minimalistic. I liked that it offers links to the supporting tools/services, but what was the reason why these particular tools are linked?
@max_spitsyn The SBA site is actually pretty decent, but it's very long and detailed, and I've tried to create something more opinionated and concise. The tools are the ones that I've found to be the best in the businesses I've run, in terms of low cost and ease of use.