Feedback on my money transfer comparison site (Transfr)

Prashant S
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I have spent a couple of weeks working on my new project, a comparison site for international money transfers. You can take a look via - Before the site got to its current stage I posted it on IndieHackers and HackerNews. I got some very valuable feedback and I have implemented these changes. I'd be very keen to hear all your feedback and initial thoughts.


Tuhin Bhuyan
1. In the header form, I think you should to keep different countries in the "Sending from" and "Sending To" fields. You may want to pre-populate "amount to send" in that form and show how upto how much a user can save. Maybe use a simple UI animation to show Transfr comparing different providers and exchange rates to find the lowest rates. 3. I felt that the header background image isn't adding much to the story as it's entirely hidden. Besides, the suited person in the pic is throwing a vibe that this service is for corporates (?) 4. I felt that the heading "Compare rates for sending money to X" didn't quite explain why I should care about using this service. Something in the lines of "Compare transfer rates and send money internationally for lowest fees" would have explained the product better imho :D 5. The word "cheap" generally gives a negative vibe of being low quality. I think you should switch your emphasis from the word "cheap" to a synonym that doesn't give that vibe. 6. I also think that the content in the "About" page should be included in the landing page itself. "Consider us the Kayak for money transfers" and the detailed paragraph below it makes a lot of sense and explains this service really well.
James Sear
Website looks beautiful to me. Clean and simple. I understood the purpose straight away. Don't usually like sticky headers, but your is executed very well. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
Emily Harris
What is the best money transfer service now?
Julie Campbell
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