What are you building?

Okii Eli
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Hi, I am currently building http://passportlist.co What are you building while on quarantine? Would be great if you share your product experiences


Victor Ribero
I'm building https://www.chooseyourplant.com, a worldwide community for houseplant lovers ❤️. I keep thinking about how to monetize it, but I'll keep adding content for a while
Victor Ribero
@iliashaddad3 thank you so much!! Do you have plants at home btw? ^^
Fabian Dahlke
I'm building https://www.postwave.io/ together with a buddy of mine. Trying to get our first early access signups in order to have some beta users when we start. Still figuring out good channels for that.
Boris Dehoumon
I'm bulding https://dcolevents.com Dcolevevents is an online plateform where you can post, find and join any online events around the world.