Do you prefer to buy a single illustration/icon pack or a bundle?

Ramy Wafaa
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Am collecting feedback to help focusing on a feature in our upcoming product at Getillustrations Thanks for the feedback in advance 🙏


Max V
I prefer to quickly grab one free one and run, but to be serious, you made me think. I am not a designer and only need those assets once in a while. I would only buy a bundle if I was committed to using that particular style. Otherwise I try to find one item most closely matching my needs and then modify it. I think the current business model of those websites works, but there is room for innovation if you target a particular type of customer. I hope it helps.
Ramy Wafaa
@fluffypony Thanks a lot 🙏 yes that helps ..since this time every pack in the bundle will be entirely different style so we are not targeting a specific style.