Do you do Online Grocery Shopping?

Alexander Alekseev
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Andrei Alikimovich
I often did it in in the case I need a lot of items.
Fabian Dahlke
Yes, we have a nice service over here called Right now it's pretty overwhelmed with the demand though
Sourabh Gupta
Yes, Because of covid-19 I started ordering grocery through app. Check out the grocery app demand stat due to coronavirus:
Helon Jurtan
Yes I do online shopping through This is trusted site for shopping online.
Kroger Feedback at KrogerComFeedback.Com
Yes, I do a lot of online grocery shopping. I mostly prefer Kroger to buy all my grocery items. I don't know why, but I like Kroger a lot because of their quality and customer support. Both online and offline, I prefer only Kroger. Whenever I am done shopping at Kroger, I must share my genuine experience at, the official Kroger Feedback website, to understand my shopping experience and improve their services.