After procrastinating, I just decided to launch on PH.

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After reading PH's own guide on launching, I pretty much had everything I needed but found myself holding back. In my instance, Im using PH to validate, test, feedback, praise and criticise my product. So last night I just created the listing and today its live. Im kicking around at the bottom because whilst I am a frequent visitor of PH, Im not a hyper networked contributor (hopefully that could change hey!) or someone who has ever "launched" something. Without going into detail of what the product is here, the PH page can do that! Anyway, does anyone else keep pushing things back by creating some "reason"?


Tony Chen
I like to think of it in terms of preparation and procrastination. Preparation leads to a better result, and procrastination leads to a later result. It's hard to figure out which is which even after the result. Once I do something repeatedly, I expect to build better intuition around the two.
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
Good on you, Dan! Way to move forward despite any setbacks or “reasons” that tend to come up. I’ve found myself in a similar situation. After doing some serious reflection on this issue, I’ve found for “fear” has been the common culprit in all my “reasons” why I always pushed things back. Fear is a sneaky thing, because it can easily be disguised as something that I could always rationalize. There’s always “something” that needs to happen before launching, so I have to put thins off again. I’ve recently decided it’s time. I’ll build a good enough to go product, and get it out there ASAP, and constantly refine. Time to get after it and launch what I’ve been putting off. Glad to hear you’re doing the same. Keep going.
Oh yeah, I'm always trying to kill my inner 'perfectionist'. The perfectionist always finds an excuse to delay. I remind myself that comes from a place of fear (at least in my case) and once I get over the fear of failure / disappointment / whatever, I get back into a mindset where I'm willing to take the risk, put myself out there and weather the storm. Well done for finally launching!