What is your primary consideration when looking at UX issues to prioritize?

Lewis Kang'ethe Ngugi
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UX issues are as they are known as UX annoyances come from different sources: - App reviews - NPS - Talk to us (Uservoice) - User research - Customer advisory board - In-app support (Intercom) With all those data points, how do you prioritize features? How do you factor in technical feasibility, importance to users, and importance to business?


Boris Borisov
Impact vs. Time I score them on both dimensions, and sort by Impact per Time. Impact is a subjective construct, depending on what matters currently (it is also time specific). For example, until we solve our usability problems, everything usability is at least somewhat important. After we get to a good usability point, perhaps growth is the priority, and then everything growth becomes more important, usability becomes not important anymore.
Totally depends on the metric and what we want to optimise for. If its engagement for example, put the users first. If its a page related to converting traffic into leads for sales, might be a case of streamlining that sales flow because that's important to the business.