Struggling to find users

Sriram Yarlagadda
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I built a chrome extension that allows users to discuss different webpages as they are browsing. The real value for new users comes from having a community of commenters already using the extension. Since we dont already have this community, it's hard to convince new users to join, which in-turn makes building this initial user community a challenge. A chicken or egg problem. Further compounding the problem for us is that the chromestore displays the number of users using the extension, so when potential users see that the extension has very few users, they end up leaving. Any idea on how I can solve this problem? Any marketing ideas or places to target to acquire an initial userbase? For those curious, this the producthunt page of the extension:


Why is it hard to convince new users of the value of your product? Are you digging into their objections?
Sriram Yarlagadda
@abadesi We havent really received many objections about the product itself. In fact, most users like the product a lot. However, the value of the product comes from already having a large community of users using the product, which we currently dont have.
Armin Trepic
How do you know that they’re leaving your products page because of the number of users?