What's your experience with companies providing benefits for freelancers?

Ekaterina Klink
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I'm researching a topic of benefits for freelancers and self-employed, like the ones that people usually have in big companies (sick pay, family leave, insurance, etc). Would love your opinion on how fellow makers are dealing with this and whether there're any solutions that you use. Thank you!


Pros: 1- Bring some extra knowledge that make the project advance quickly 2- It's a boon for some sectors where the skilled labor is in shortage Cons: 1- They keep their own knowledge and the internal personal don't grow with them and still dependent 2- They cost a lot 3- There is a risk of confidentiality for some specific projects
Hanna Barzakouskaya
Agreed with @aboubakr_mekhatria and also I can add: Pros: - depends on the contact (fix price or time material) you can get extra value. You don't bother about vacations, illness in fix price contracts. You can get additional skilled specialists as a part of your team in time material (knowledge exchange is one of the best parts). - you won't need to think about all these people if you won't need them. It's super helpful in the cases when you need a specialist pactional just for some special work. Cons: - need to create a clear, visible process to be sure that the quality of their delivery is expectable high.