Just how distant is your team really?

Peyton Goen
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Wondering with all the makers, devs, marketers, and others - how far apart is your team right now? For many, it may be odd to be working remotely since the whole team lives within a few miles of each other. For me, my team at www.seesnap.com already is located in different places throughout Europe and the USA. We all already worked at different times around the clock, and are lucky enough to not be derailed be suddenly being forced to stay home. Heck, our product is about solving any problem, with anyone, from anywhere at all, so we better be able to work remotely. 😂


Mark Russell Filaroski
How do you like working remotely? what are the benefits?
Peyton Goen
@mark_filaroski I personally like being able to work from different spaces in my apartment, & move from the desk, to the couch, to the balcony, etc. It's nice to be able to move around and have control of your environment (even if that environment is a small apartment!)
Mark Russell Filaroski
@peyton_goen1 That makes sense, and to think once your startup is successful you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, at any time and still have an impact on the company! (Hopefully we can travel post COVID)
Peyton Goen
Share you experience too! @abadesi @aaronoleary - How does the PH team work?
Richard Varno
To solve the world's problems you need a team from all over the world!
Michael Tant
How does being all over the world affect your communication with you team?