What is the best business model for the note app?

Sviatoslav Bylim
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I'm going to apply the subscription model in the android note app. That's why I want to hear what is the best business model for the note app in your opinion.
annual subscription with trial only
annual subscription with trial and free access with limits
annual subscription with trial, free access with limits and ads
other in comments


Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Truthfully, as I have a free note taking app I would not be inclined to pay for one. Are there special features that would incentivise me to pay?
Founder at TheNote.app
@abadesi there are special features: - you haven't to invent names for folders/tags/categories to group you notes. Any note can be a head of multiple other notes - any private note you can share on the channel on the service But I don't know will it incentivise you to pay or not