Do you check menus before choosing where to dine out?

Aram Gushchyan
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We thought that restaurants' long and PDF-like menus on their websites are not providing you the experience you expect. They are static and boring. So we decided to make them interactive, customizable, and personalized. You can use dietary filters, view menu recommendations, dish ratings, or sign up to get a personal menu made to your diet and tastes. And restaurants loved it. We started offering them integration and upgrading their online menus with our features. But we still want to know if you as a diner love the experience we've created. It'll be awesome if you share your thoughts on our product and tell us what else you would want to see on our menus. Check out our product on one of your customer's website: And here is more about our product:


Sometimes I check, sometimes I don't. One thing I love about visiting Japan is they have cool 3D models of the food in the windows so you can really see what it looks like. I feel like the best indication of whether I'll want a dish or not is when I see it on another diner's plate. So usually when I'm eating somewhere for the first time I'll look around at what everyone else is eating and then decide.
Aram Gushchyan
@abadesi It is exactly how my wife likes to choose - she looks at someone else’s plate :) Interesting experience with 3D dishes. Do they look appetizing though? Similar to that, I like when restaurants put their desserts behind a window in a refrigerator so you can walk around and choose the one you want.
Sujoy Chaudhary
Love the filters you have built!
Aram Gushchyan
@sujoy_chaudhary Awesome! What kind of filters or features would you want us to implement on the menu besides what we have now? Would love to hear your suggestions!