What is your tool of choice for managing translations and localization?

Yura C.
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How do you integrate your multilingual content to your production flow?


Lara Russo
We used Google Sheets. Externalised all texts and gave the website and the app texts (1500+ text items) for an agency to translate into 8 languages. Here is the result: https://www.octoboard.com/de/bus...
I've participated in the translation of an app before, and we used POEditor. The UI was very intuitive to work with, so I feel comfortable recommending it
Yura C.
@internet_johnny I choose POeditor and performed automation via their API. I am working on several multilingual projects in parallel. I created a single terms list on POEditor to share the same translation base. Each project scanning, tagging, and posting their terms via POeditor's API. Constant updates on translation side synced with each project's locales folder. Its a kind of CI workflow for localization. I am satisfied with the outcome.