Just submitted our project: EQU

Mubashar Iqbal
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Still have a little work todo, but figured I'd submit so we don't miss the deadline. Would love any feedback you have: https://myequ.com/ Will add more details later, but would love to know if you get the project without any context 😀


Ben Munk
Sounds interesting. First question that entered my mind - how is it different to any other social media where someone can post a pic (and/or daily status) ?
Mubashar Iqbal
@ben_munk1 Been thinking about that a lot! Firstly I'm hoping that people do just share their faces, so you're not seeing all the other stuff that you'd find on Insta/Snap/Tok, but I've also extended things so when you upload your pic, you can also pick an emoji of how you're feeling. Seems small but this small act of thinking about your mental state (and then sharing it) I hope sparks conversation with your network.
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Hi, it says "not secured" when I go to your website... PS: would love your opinion about our launch "Plezi One", #3 today 😻