Anyone know where I could find a freelance copywriter - I never have any luck with Fiverr.

Raquel Winiarsky
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Try may have better luck here
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If you are willing to spend the time, effort and money for a freelancer, definitely lookup or Alternatively, do a quick search on FB groups. If you need work on a consistent basis, hire those agencies that offer 'unlimited copywriting' on a monthly basis. They can usually churn out 3-5 articles a month. Scribly is the first that comes to my mind but you can do a quick Google on 'unlimited copywriting' Cheers!
@chew_wei_chun Thank you! Really appreciate it. Going to try the FB groups and Scribly for sure.
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I belong to a closed copywriting FB group. I you message me with details, I might be able to put you in touch with some talent.