Have I been banned from Product Hunt?

Alberto Ziveri
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Dear Makers, I am a web developer and innovation votary. After 6 years of research and difficult investments, I have launched a patented technology in the fashion industry (not mentioning it here, to avoid spam). Unfortunately my first launch on Product Hunt wasn't successful beacuse it was missing of images and other details. So I tried to launch the project again, but it gave me the generic error "oh-oH! THERE HAS BEEN AN ERROR...". I am pretty sure I have been banned from Product Hunt to post again. So Product Hunt is almost demolishing part of my hopes to recover from my investments and gather some interest on my ambitious project. Hope someones can help me!


Justin Hunter
Hey Alberto, did you check the console or network panel in developer tools to see if there was more information about the error? Could have been a variety of different things. I doubt you were banned from posting. PH is really good at communicating problems with posts.
Alberto Ziveri
@jehunter5811 Dear Justin, that's exactly the first thing I've done.. The response from the postback gives the same generic error. Nothing strange... :( Thanks for your suggestion
Hi Alberto, you have not been banned from Product Hunt. You are receiving that error because you're trying to post the same thing again and our systems flag that as a duplicate. You can always edit your post by adding /edit at the end of the URL :) Please make sure to read our guide on how to launch: https://meow.ph/launch 🙌 Feel free to ping us on Intercom if you have any questions :)