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Akhil Swaminathan
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Makers! Have you ever felt that smartphone notifications are extremely disruptive? If you have, it's cause they are! There are constant rings, vibrations and flashes on your phone and you HAVE to take a look at it, else you're just anxious to know what it is! This has led to lack of focus, bad productivity and an extremely unhealthy relationship with your phone! Tring is a smart notification toolbar which sits on your notification space and automatically categorizes all your notifications neatly, whilst only notifying you about what's necessary. This way, you control your phone and not vice versa! We're out on PlayStore (early access) and would love it if you all could download, use and share feedback! Tring Notifications: Please share tips and constructive criticism as to how we can get the word out and help people build a better relationship with their smartphones!
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