Which annoying web elements bother you the most?

Daniel Kladnik
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P.S. If you can't stand many of these anymore, then my browser extensions "I don't care about cookies" (totally free) and "No, thanks." (annual subscription) may be the right thing for you to use.
Cookie policy / GDPR warnings
Newsletter pop-ups
Chat and contact pop-ups in the corner
"Install our app" toolbars
"Allow notifications" pop-ups
"Let us know your location" pop-ups
Surveys and "give opinion" pop-ups
"Back to top" buttons
Sticky video boxes in the corner
Something else, please say what


Founder and CEO at Paper.Trade
"Hi! How can I help you" messages are really frustrating me sometimes. But at the same time, I understand that's quite helpful for a lot of people.
Web and extension developer
@zavhoz Occasionally it can be helpful, but if the website needs to display it in a disturbing way just to help users to find something on that same website, than something is wrong with its design or the way it is organized.
Founder and CEO at Paper.Trade
@daniel_kladnik I think about the same, yes. Hope that this will gradually fade away.