Are you enjoying working remotely more than being in the office?

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Ross Baltimore
For the people who responded "Yes, a lot more!", can you share a little more about your situation before+now? I'd love to learn what is making it so 🥳!!
Dhox Lopez
@rossbaltimore Been working from home for 10 years now. My first job was in an office, where I have to travel to and from work. Back then I had to leave the house 2 hours earlier due to really heavy traffic and arrive home 3 hours after work. I'm in the office 6 days a week, 8 hours a day and it feels very toxic and eats up a lot of time that I could've spent with my family. Working from home and with my current company specifically, I was given the freedom to setup my own schedule. I was able to work at my own pace with tons of time to spend with the family and do other things I enjoy.
Ross Baltimore
@dhox wow, 5 hours of travel per day!? That's horrendous! I live in NYC, and I commute from my childhood house in Scranton, PA in that time. I definitely notice the extra time at the beginning and ends of the work day. Even though my commute was never more than 30 minutes door to door, there's that 15 minutes of packing up stuff, dressing a different way, etc. etc. that I never thought about but definitely was eating up time.
Dhox Lopez
@rossbaltimore Might be a case to case basis depending on the location, but here in our country (Philippines), with the toxic volume of traffic even on regular days, I'll definitely recommend working from home.
@rossbaltimore @dhox that sounds like the dream situation. Do you mind sharing what kind of work you do and the company?
Alex Harris
@rossbaltimore been working remotely since the beginning of the year. The main improvements have been as follows. Reducing time on: -Commuting -Getting ready -Pointless meetings -Water-cooler chats -Distractions from colleagues -Buying clothes Increasing time on: -Upskilling -Self improvement -Meaningful interactions -Strategic thinking From the above it seems that there is a clear shift of time distribution from low value to high value activities.
Seth Blee Tetteh
I didn't enjoys in this tym
@sethoo what's got you down about it? Besides the global pandemic which is obviously really tough on everyone
John Lim
Been actively hiring a team... it's been hard to evaluate talent with everyone working from home. Should be interesting when I meet employees for the first time in a couple months LOL
@john_lim2 oh wow. How did you decide without "getting a feel" for the candidates in person?
John Lim
@tyclimateguy a couple things! We use, which is a psychometric assessment. Takes about 45 minutes and assesses the candidates fit for the position--it gives A LOT of insight... I've enjoyed using the tool tremendously. Next, I actually don't place a ton of value into the in-person interview. A big reason for that is Malcolm Gladwell's recent book How To Talk To Strangers. Awesome book!
@john_lim2 Plum looks really interesting. I've got a friend that's hiring and I'll suggest it to him. You (and Gladwell) are probably right about how bad people are figuring each other out in person. And also when you hire someone you won't know the good and the bad until you actually get to working with them.
Ross Baltimore
@john_lim2 @tyclimateguy "getting a feel" is precarious. Have you read the book Work Rules ( It has many deeply thoughtful ideas and analyses about what works well for hiring, what intuitively *should* work but doesn't―or worse, has a negative effect. Theoretically, meeting people has one of the worst effects on hiring quality. Having said that, I've never been personally brave enough to cut that part out of my hiring process. But, it'll be interesting to hear from you what the results are months from now!
@john_lim2 @rossbaltimore Thanks for the book, I'll definitely check it out. I've found that the best way to hire someone is to wait until you've actually worked with them. Most of my team's in the past are little consulting pods and it really helps to do little assignments together before bringing people in for a full blown engagement.
KachurMTB 777
Now I can spend more time with my family
So the majority so far (56%) say yes and only 12% don't enjoy it. If you're in the No and Meh camps, I'd love to know: what are you not enjoying and what could make it better?
Yes definitely, I can follow my own sleep routine, save transportation time and meetings on the phone are usually more efficient.
@marcvaultier nice. I have a theory phone/video calls are more efficient because everyone is dying to get off them because we've all gotten used to the only options being text or in person
Humaira Khan
Work from home experience will be different even better, when it's not in a lockdown. If kids were in school, along with other factors such as traveling, would make working remotely even more ideal than now.
@humairawins so true. Being forced to stay in the house with your bundles of joy makes it more challenging. Though I think it's opened a lot of people's eyes to just how doable working from is
Pavel Gertsberg
Surprisingly it feels more productive for us
Chris Wray
It is just what I do. (: Actually I love it.
Sunil Kumar
Just before the Corona outbreak, i wanted to switch to remote work. All this WFH has given me good insights into working remotely and I have been liking it. I'll definitely switch to a full remote company once all this is over.
@sunilc_ oh great. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Welcome to the movement. If you don’t mind, What kind of work do you do and what kind of role are you looking for?
As an early stage startup, I don't have an office. So I guess I'm fine. 😃
Fabian Dahlke
Right now I don't like it at all. I'm much less productive than at the office. I don't get along so well with having to sit in my small student room and having construction noise in front of the window every day. I also find it very annoying to have to eat, sleep and do work in the same environment and to have hardly any variety and contact. I thought remote work would be an interesting perspective but so far I think the opposite.
@dahfab I get that. It sounds like my last 3 months At college writing my dissertation. My room was so tiny I was < 2 steps away from everything I owned. And at least I could leave the apartment for a few hours. Where are you and how long is your lockdown supposed to be?
Terhile Ikyo
I live in Lagos and spend an average of 4 hours commuting to and from work, working remotely has totally removed that stress.
@terhile_ikyo I’ve heard Lagos traffic is harsh but four hours is crazy. You should be petitioning your get your whole company to work remotely if everybody is losing four hours a day. What kind of work do you do?
Terhile Ikyo
@tyclimateguy LOL! We have, Nigerian CEO's and companies don't believe you can be productive except they see you physically, COVID-19 proving them wrong
Toni Engelhardt
It has both, pros and cons, a mix would probably be best for me, but depends a lot on the commute. Miss the 2x half hour strolls through Lisbon every day...
Faizan Haider
There are pros and cons both for remote working.
Eva Shalenko
I got used to remote work))) But usually I worked in different places to make some changes in surrounding area)) But anyway working at home gave me more possibilities to plan my day as I want not to spend lots of time in transport and traffic jams. The only difficult thing is to switch from work to home tasks)
Yes, Working From Home is The World's Best Working Experience !!