Hey Makers! Which app icon do you prefer for a social network named Journey for achieving goals?

Luke O'Brien
7 replies
Journey is a social app where the currency is your output — the cool shit you create and do and the support you give others — not how you look in a bikini. Whatever your passion, Journey connects you with people who share it.


Thomas Gourgand
I like the first one :) It feels like it's in line with the message behind the brand.
KachurMTB 777
I like 4 icon.I dont know why, but i like it
Luke O'Brien
Thanks @kachurmtb_777 -- I really like what the designer did with this one -- good use of the 'J' but also I like that it could be a road or a person rowing
Third one for me, The first one looks a lot like the sunrise logo
Luke O'Brien
Thanks @pregenun the third has been the most popular so far. I'm also experimenting with reversing the bg/fg colors. Just checked sunrise and it was acquired by microsoft a few years ago...I think it's OK to have something similar now. Also, it's a very common design (logojoy has a black and white version of it).